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Lumber & Engineered Wood

New River Valley Building Supply is a full-service lumberyard that offers everything you need for your framing projects. 

In additional to the comprehensive list of materials, we also offer Engineered wood products:

  • 9-1/2″ I – Joists
  • 11-7/8″ I – Joists
  • 14″ I – Joists
  • 16″ I – Joists
  • LVL’s up to 24″ deep
  • A full range of laminated beams


  • SPF Framing Lumber
  • Hem/Fir Framing Lumber
  • Framer Series Yellow Pine 
  • Treated Yellow Pine Lumber
  • Exterior Plywoods
  • Finish Plywoods
  • OSB Sheathing
  • Fire treated plywood
  • “Zip” Roof and wall system
  • Simpson Hangers and Fasteners
  • LP Engineered Wood

Our Manufacturers

New River Valley Building Supply works with only the best lumber and engineered wood manufacturers in the industry.